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One funny childhood sweet memoy

This is Friday evening and I am in the office, doing pack up for leaving the office. My laptop has been shut down, I bring my lunch box from the canteen and put it in my bag, keeping my water bottle in my bag. Jyoti asked me ‘tomorrow we have to come office?’ I said yes sadly. Our office again opens on Saturday after a long period of approximately two years. In a funny way, I said if I remembered that today is office then I will come office else not. Priyanka added that she had already come office on week off Saturday by mistake a few times. My mind suddenly jump into the childhood memories & I remembered again my childhood funny mistakes that I had done during school time.

One funny memory of school time

We are four siblings. I am the eldest of four. During exam time I used to bring my younger siblings with me in the school forcefully on that day when there is no exam of theirs’ just to double verify that really today no exam of theirs because our exam datasheet dates used to change before the exam started. They used to tell me today no exam paper of ours but I didn’t believe in them. I used to tell my parents if today would be their exam then they will miss that so don’t take the chance to miss the exam, no issue if there would not be any exam of theirs then they can come back home. My mom also used to support me & she also force them to go to school. Normally my siblings were true, when they all reached school then their teacher says ‘Today no any exam of yours then why you came to school… Go back to your home and do preparation for exams’. They angrily looked at me and I tried to ignore them & let them go back home.

After doing my exam when I used to reach home, they all were ready to beat me as I have wasted their time by bringing them with me to school forcefully & there was no any exam of theirs.

This is one of the funny memories of my childhood, if you have such type of funny memories of your childhood you can share them with me by commenting below.

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