Why are we running in an endless race?

We all are running for the endless race, this race starts from our childhood & then we never stop for a moment, without knowing our final destination/goal we just are running. Normally we see others and then start to copy them instead of applying our thinking. This means we indirectly participate in a competition and when we won one competition then automatically another competition started & this never ends, we fall in a never-ending race.

Tortoise and Rabbit race

We all read about the rabbit and tortoise race in our childhood. The tortoise who was running continuously win the race and the rabbit who had taken a break in the middle of the way had lost the race. But are we know that they both were actually running to win the race. No, this is just in our mind, actually, both participants were reacting by their nature. Tortoise nature is to walk continue whereas rabbit can’t run continuously, so he stopped in the way to take rest, he was happy by doing so because was enjoying his way, in fact, both were enjoying their way. We had just taken this example to show that slow but steady wins the race, but we had taken wrong participants for this, because both are not the same in nature, if we take two tortoises or two rabbits then it would be okay whereas here are both different.

Vaani, a little girl

Vaani, a nine years old little girl, had participated in a school game competition, she was doing well, still, she lose the competition final. Her final competition was to be held on Sunday, she did not go there because she wants to sleep more as she does every Sunday. Vaani’s parents supported her and didn’t force her to go to school on Sunday. She would win that contest if she goes school for the final round, as she know that her opponent was weak than her, but due to her absence, her opponent won that competition. But she was still happy you know why? because she had enjoyed her Sunday by her way. She had not to compromise with her personal life to win the medal. Had Vaani & her parents done this right or wrong? I think she had done this right because if she go there to participate in the final round then she automatically involved herself in an endless race.

Chanchal, a little boy

Chanchal, an eight years old little boy, was weak in the study. Her parents were usually forced to do study whenever they saw that he is playing. They usually said to him if he got the first rank in his class then we will provide him a bicycle or robot car. His exams started & finished, the result came, he got the first rank in his school. His parents were so happy and they tell this news all society members. Society members decided to honor that little boy. They arrange a small gathering & call that little boy’s family members too. Few surprise gifts are given to him but he was not looking happy. One person asked him dear Chanchal tell me what do you want we will arrange for you. The little boy innocently said ‘I want to eat jalebi’. By getting his favorite sweet he was very happy, he enjoy it well. Are we indirectly force our children to participate in a race that never ends?

What do you think so, you can tell me by doing the below comment.

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